The Alternative Law Groups, Inc. (ALG) is a coalition of eighteen (18) legal resource non-governmental organizations that adhere to the principles and values of alternative or developmental law. These organizations have distinct programs for developmental legal assistance that is primarily concerned with the pursuit of public interest, respect for human rights and promotion of social justice. At the heart of developmental law is the dual work of empowering the poor and the marginalized, and effecting justice system reforms. The first component entails enhancing the capacity of the poor and marginalized groups to access and use judicial, quasi-judicial and other mechanisms for addressing their issues and concerns, and for protecting and enforcing their rights. The second focuses on the pursuit of a favorable policy environment that promotes the rights and interests of the poor and marginalized.

ALG members’ operations cover a wide area of concerns involving justice issues of the poor and marginalized groups in the Philippines. These include issues on women, labor, peasant, fisherfolk, children, urban poor, indigenous peoples, persons living with HIV-AIDS, SOGIE, local governance, and the environment. Collectively, the coalition members’ operations cover the entire country, with some ALG members having nationwide coverage and operating in different areas throughout the Philippines, and others focusing their operations on a particular locality or region. Although the coalition members have their respective program priorities and strategies in their respective areas of operations, their work can be categorized into four major components: Education, Policy Reform Work, Litigation, and Research and Publication.