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Part 1: A Long Journey

The idea of "alternative lawyering" fleshed out in the march of the Sumilao Farmers from Bukidnon to Manila to shake the walls of Malacañang, bring a behemoth to its knees and take what is rightfully theirs.

1700 kilometers
144 hectares
165 families
55 farmers
1 struggle

Atty. Arlene "Kaka" Bag-ao of BALAOD Mindanaw, Atty. Marlon Manuel of the Alternative Law Groups and Atty. Carlos "Chochoy" Medina of the Ateneo Human Rights Center speak.

Presented by The Alternative Law Groups ( Undertaken with financial support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as part of the Justice Reform Initiatives Support (JURIS) Project. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

Part 2: The Alternative Lawyer

Part 3: Approaching Enemy Territory

Part 4: Seeker of Justice