Fight at the Frontlines: Monitoring the Environmental Defense Program
Hustisya Natin: Uncovering the Courts: Media Training on Monitoring the Judiciary
Hustisya Natin: Ang aking mga karapatang (Human Rights Manual)
Hustisya Natin: Compilation of Monitoring Research on Thematic Judicial Cases
Hustisya Natin: Judicial Philosophy Research
A Research Scoping  Major and Outstanding Issues on Transitional Justice in the Philippines
Alternative Law Groups: Empowering Communities Towards Greater Access to Justice in the Philippines
The Peace Council Report on the Bangsamoro Basic Law
 Community-Based Dialogue Sessions on Human Rights Promotion and Protection
The Justice Reform Agenda of the Poor and Marginalized
Research on the Poor Accessing Justice and the ALG as JusticeReform Advocate
Tuning in to Women’s Voices on Justice
Baseline Study of Law Schools: Human Rights Offerings and Programs
Path to Peace: The Peace Council Report on the Bangsamoro Basic Law